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Black Lives Matter Statement from the Wessex Learning Trust

We stand in solidarity with all who support the fight against racism and racial injustice across the world. We strive to represent our community fully, in all its diversity, and we all must do more to stand against inequality. We will continue to work with, listen and learn from the diverse communities we represent. We see you, we hear you and you matter.

Gavin Ball, Chief Executive

Coronavirus Advice

Advice on the coronavirus for places of education from Public Health England can be found here

We have a News page for announcements and advice regarding the coronavirus here

November 2018 Ofsted Inspection

Kings Academy was last inspected by Ofsted in November 2018. You can read the inspection report here

Training Opportunities within the Wessex Trust

Thinking about a career in TEACHING? Wish you had a degree? Do you want to work with children? Do you want to train to be a teacher?
For more information please visit our Training page here.

Firefly and Parent Reports

For more information on accessing Firefly please visit our Parents Online page here.

The School Day

Timetable (Mon-Thur)

Tutor Time ..... 8:45
Period 1 ........ 9:05
Period 2 ....... 10:05
Break .......... 11:05
Period 3 ....... 11:25
Period 4 ....... 12:30
Lunch ........... 1:30
Period 5 ........ 2:15
Finish ........... 3:15

Timetable (Fri)

Tutor Time ..... 8:45
Period 1 ........ 9:25
Period 2 ....... 10:20
Break .......... 11:15
Period 3 ....... 11:35
Period 4 ....... 12:30
Lunch ........... 1:30
Period 5 ........ 2:15
Finish ........... 3:15


2019-20 Calendar

Calendar dates for this academic year.


Note that the May Bank Holiday in 2020 has changed for VE Day

2020-21 Calendar

Calendar dates for the next academic year.


The Kings of Wessex Academy recognises that the safety and welfare of children is paramount and that we have a responsibility to protect children in all the academy's activities. We take all reasonable steps to ensure, through appropriate procedures and training, that all students, irrespective of sex, age, disability, race, religion or belief, sexual identity or social status, are protected from abuse.

We foster a culture of vigilance amongst staff, students, parents and visitors. We always listen to students and take their concerns seriously. Please do not hesitate if you have any concerns or queries please contact the Academy immediately and you will be directed to a member of staff who will endeavour to help you.

See more at our safeguarding page

Tootoot allows students to be able to report incidents directly to the school, including screenshots and attachments using the online app or by downloading the app to an apple device. Login to Tootoot here.

The site team and staff have been busy at Kings preparing for the return of specified students. We look forward to seeing you as soon as we safely can, in accordance with Government guidelines.


Kings are prioritising the mental health and wellbeing of our students upon their return to school. The PowerPoint below outlines some key points of focus, along with some coping techniques and strategies which will be delivered to all students returning to school as directed.

To download click here

Trust Statement - Schools Reopening and Coronavirus

June 7th, 2020

Dear Parents, carers, and guardians,

Following the announcements of a partial reopening of schools, The Wessex Learning Trust and its partner schools are following Government guidelines regarding who we are able to open for, and when. As such, schools are currently only open for children in nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 - as well as key worker and vulnerable children.

Any communication from the Trust or partner schools regarding reopening for other year groups is based on Government guidance and any implication that this decision came from the Regional School Commissioner is retracted. We hope to welcome children from other year groups back to our schools soon, but only when Government guidelines permit this.

Yours Sincerely,

Gavin Ball

Chief Executive


The school will still operate during the closure period. Staff will continue to work were appropriate and necessary. The school will continue to offer its services and educational support for the children of those who the government have defined as ‘key workers’, or those who are considered vulnerable.

Useful Information

The latest government guidance and advice can be found here

The schools latest correspondence and statements can be found here

The Trust's latest correspondence and statements can be found here

You can also keep informed via our Twitter feed @kowessex here

If you have an urgent enquiry, please contact
01934 742757 or email office@kowessex.co.uk

If you have safeguarding concern, please email safeguarding@kowessex.co.uk

All Kings students and staff are invited to take part in the Great KOW Bake Off!
Details of how to get involved are on Firefly: https://kow.fireflycloud.net/houses
Prizes available.
Happy baking!


As you know, all exams this summer have been cancelled in an attempt to curb the spread of the Corona virus. We understand that students and parents/carers will be concerned as to how the process will now work and how their grades will be calculated.

Exam boards have set out that students will be awarded the grades that they deserve and that their hard work will be properly rewarded. They will develop a process which will provide a calculated grade to each student which reflects their performance as fairly as possible. Part of this process will involve the exam boards asking teachers to submit their judgements based on a range of evidence and data.

Ofqual and exam boards will be discussing this with teachers’ representatives before finalising an approach.

Clear guidance will be provided to schools to ensure that the process is fair and robust. Please do not contact teachers regarding predicted grades but be assured that we will follow this guidance closely.

After grades have been awarded, students will be able to appeal if they believe the correct process has not been followed. They will also have the option to sit the exam at the earliest opportunity once schools have reopened or in the summer of 2021. With this in mind, it is important that students continue with their studies at home and staff will be setting work regularly on Firefly.

We hope that this will answer some of your questions but appreciate that you are likely to have more. Please bear with us whilst we await further guidance.

Welcome to The Kings of Wessex Academy

As one of the top-performing schools in the South West, The Kings of Wessex Academy strives to provide a first class education for all. We have a dedicated team of staff who work hard to inspire our students to be the best that they can be and to stand out from the crowd. We have high expectations and work hard to provide all our students with the opportunities and support needed to enable them to achieve their full potential. Kings is an exciting place to learn with great teachers, superb facilities, a wide range of subject choices and a programme of exciting enrichment activities.

Please take time to read the welcome message from the Headteacher, Mr Gavin Ball.


Consultation on admission arrangements for 2021-22

The consultation period on Wessex Learning Trust’s 2021/22 admission arrangements is from 9th December 2019 until 31 January 2020.
Our proposed admission arrangements can be found here:

If you wish to comment on these arrangements please e-mail admissionsconsultation@somerset.gov.uk A final copy of the determined admission arrangements will be displayed on the website by 28th February 2020. After this date objections can be made to the Office of the School’s Adjudicator. For further information on how to make an objection please visit their website http://www.education.gov.uk/schoolsadjudicator/ or phone 01325 735303.

Latest News

Kings of Wessex Continues Ascension Day Tradition Despite Lockdown

Since 1883, it has been a tradition at the Kings of Wessex Academy, Cheddar, that on Ascension Day, the children of the school mark their moving on to the next stage of their lives by climbing the tower of the local St. Andrew's church and singing the Ascension Day Hymn – Hail the day that sees Him rise - by Charles Wesley. The celebration, which was begun by a former Headmaster of the National...... more

Caring at Winscombe Hall Care Centre

It’s lovely to receive some heart-warming news during these difficult times, and for Kings this week it came in the form of a wonderful response from Winscombe Hall Care Centre who received a letter, poem, picture and recitals from our student Matilda, who sent them to bring a cheer to the residents of Winscombe Hall Care Centre on VE Day. Winscombe Hall Care Centre firstly shared the...... more

Match Report Blog

Monday February 10, 2020 - KoW 16 v 21 Wells Blue & Sidcot

Year 11 Girls Netball

Wednesday afternoon, year 11 girls took to the court. They were up to play a back to back match, first against Sidcot and second game against Wells Blue. Sidcot arrived to the sports centre as our girls were warming up, preparing for the game. The first whistle goes and the game begins, our year 11 girls start strong with scoring the first goal. They manage to hold their own this quarter keeping the score within 2. Our defence were working hard to keep the attack under control in the second quarter, but the Sidcot team were on fire in the attacking end. Nevertheless, our defence never gave in, and our attack took every opportunity to shoot at goal. With our team on the side supporting, we were able to win the third quarter, scoring one goal more than Sidcot. Well done team. Regardless of the outcome of the game, every girl worked tirelessly, and it was a successful outcome for year 11 having a team of 18, and playing their first game without training.

Next is our back to back with Wells Blue. Our girls are pumped for this game, having had our warm up match. As Blue arrive, our girls position themselves and are ready for the match to begin. We get off to a great start, finishing the first quarter on equal points. Our centre court have managed to turn over several balls, which we have successfully scored from. A great centre court mix in the first quarter. As we enter the second quarter, the girls are beginning to feel the heat from Blue’s attack, they were on form. Regardless of the strength in Blue’s attack, our defence were able to break down their play and deflect some of their balls resulting in counterattack moves. We are now entering the final stages of the game, the girls are still working hard to control the Blue’s attack, but we just narrowly miss out. The final result being 21-16 to Blue. Irrespective of the result, the girls performance was fantastic, and their teamwork was noticeably brilliant.

Monday February 10, 2020 - Millfield 5 v 10 KoW

Year 9 Boys Rugby Sevens

Our second U14 boys sevens fixture saw us up against Millfield school. KOW started the stronger of the two sides with a 20-0 victory in game 1. This prompted Millfield to put out stronger sides for games 2 and 3. In the third and final game KOW showed an organised defensive display to pin Millfield back in their 22. KOW with this constant pressure gained a 5-meter scrum with 1 minute to go. Captain Will Creaser called for a strike move which paid dividends to seal the victory for the Kings boys.

Final results:

KOW 20 Millfield 0
KOW 5 Millfield 10
KOW 10 Millfield 5

See more @ our Match Report Blog page

Congratulations to our U18 Girls Rugby Team – The 2019 Rosslyn Park National Schools Sevens Plate Winners!